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The Safest Food Delivery App near me | EatSure

If you are what you eat, then why not eat only good?

But, one question that strikes your mind, which is the best food delivery app?

A wide range of cuisines with delicious food? Best delivery options for online orders? Or ensuring that you get the most hygienic and safe food that’s out there, made just with the same amount of care and quality checks that you take care of at home?

Well you want it all in one food ordering app, because that fills your tummy and ensures your mind is worry-free about the food. After all, everyone needs to be sure of what they eat.

How do food delivery apps work?

  • We ensure you’re never in two minds about food delivery with the EatSure promise. A safe, hygienic and reliable food delivery service is your right. EatSure is an online food delivery app born from a simple thought - if you are what you eat, then why not eat only good?
  • With the EatSure promise, we ensure that you can order food online that is safe, hygienic and oh-so-delicious!
What is the EatSure promise?
  • We bring to you the most sought after favourites across cuisines from your popular restaurants – with the promise of safe, hygienic and oh-so-delicious food! We keep this promise by ensuring the following measures:
  • No Artificial Colours or Flavours

Are you sure about what goes into the food you order?

  • If you’ve often asked the waiter to mention what ingredients go into the dish you’ve ordered, you’re not alone! When it comes to a new food delivery app, you always have a set of questions regarding the food and what goes into it
  • At EatSure, we ensure you know it all! Every bite from the home delivered food tells you about the ingredients used in it. It only helps you fall in love with it, even more than before! From health benefits to interesting trivia, there’s a lot to discover about your food.

Live Temperature Tracking and Medical Certificates

  • Are you sure about the chefs making your food?
  • We get you hot food, made and delivered by cool people! When you place your order on the EatSure food delivery app, you can also check the live temperature of all staff, on our mobile app.
  • This not only includes the chef making your food, but everyone in the kitchen. The chefs, manager, as well as the delivery rider who will deliver the food till your doorstep, you get a thorough and trustworthy update to stay assured. Along with the delivery time, you can also check out these important updates.

Double Sealed Packaging

  • Are you sure your food was packed and sealed ultra-carefully by the food delivery service?
  • We ensure your attention is on the food and not worrying about the food box! You are concerned about the quality of packaging and the food box delivered to you.
  • It’s natural to feel and we ensure that you’re not among those worrying about the packaging of your food order.
  • Your food gets seal-packed the minute it is cooked, locking its freshness intact in a double-sealed box, ensuring safe food delivery. Food safety and hygiene is taken care of for your well-being. All the delivery executives across our sure choice of restaurants strictly adhere to wearing safety gears like mask and gloves at all times. They also use hand-sanitizers before and after delivering each order.
  • With the option of checking for medical certificates and body temperature of the kitchen staff, you can relish your food without any doubts of unwell people handling your food.

Get SurePoints

  • Are you sure about the usage of loyalty points when you use online food delivery apps?
  • SurePoints is our way of rewarding you for eating good, enabling you to eat more, EatSure! We ensure that you get more than safe and hygienic food by giving you SurePoints on every order. You can earn as well as redeem SurePoints on the EatSure food ordering app. These enable you to unlock exclusive privileges and rewards.
  • You can get SurePoints on completing simply on signing up on the app, completing your profile and referring your friends. You can visit the SurePoints section on our mobile app.

200+ Stringent Quality Checks

  • Are you sure of the food hygiene measures taken by online food delivery apps in India?
  • Our sure choice of local restaurants take their safety and hygiene very seriously! They also adhere to WHO norms for kitchen food safety.
  • Compulsory hand wash for each person, every 20 mins.
  • Mandatory usage of face masks, hair nets, disposable gloves and clean overalls for everyone.
  • Sanitisation/disinfection of work surfaces, sinks and touchpoints such as door handles, every 4 hours.
  • Timely disposal of hand gloves used in preparation and making of food.
  • Staggered kitchen-station disabling face to face contact of the kitchen teams.
  • Limiting the number of staff in the food preparation area.
  • Frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers by the delivery personnel.
  • A three step sanitizing process for vegetables.
  • Separate storage sections and cutlery for vegetables and meats.
  • Adherence to First In, First Out process for all the ingredients.
  • Cooking is done at right temperatures across respective product lines, e.g., Pizzas baked at 230°C or Biryani cooked on Dum for 90 minutes.
  • Timely disposal of ingredients.
  • 24x7 CCTV monitoring across kitchens and storage facilities.

Contactless Delivery

  • Are you sure nothing comes between you and your food?
  • We ensure fast food safety practices that adhere to social distancing. By ensuring safety before pleasantries, we ensure social distancing and complete safety for you and your food.
  • With many payment options to choose from, you can skip cash on delivery in order to adhere to contactless delivery.
  • You can choose these delivery options - at your doorstep, society gate or drop it with the security guard, if you pay online and avoid cash on delivery. All you have to do is, place a prepaid minimum order, opt for contactless delivery and the delivery partner will leave your parcel safely at your doorstep.
  • Our diverse partner restaurants are among the best in the food industry, keeping the worries of food safety and hygiene aside:
  • Faasos – Eat good, Eat Exciting
  • Behrouz Biryani – The Royal Biryani
  • Lunchbox – Wholesome homestyle meals
  • Ovenstory Pizza – Next Level Cheese
  • Mandarin Oak – Sincerely from the wok!
  • Firangi Bake – Safe and Legendary Bakes
  • The Good Bowl – Delicious Bowl Meals
  • Slay Coffee – India’s Best Coffee

Which food delivery app is available near my area?

  • EatSure is available for food delivery app download in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and NCR, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata and many major cities!
  • So what are you waiting for? Download the EatSure app now!

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