No Artificial Colours or Flavours

When it comes to what goes inside your body, we like to be double sure. We have fed the same food to our friends and family, and they are doing pretty well!

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Quality and Safety Ensured

Every bite you take tells you a story of the finest ingredients chosen for you. Your meals are free of added flavours, colours and chemicals. We compensate you with goodness instead.

Know Your Food

We believe that you have every right to know the anatomy of your food. If you ever order a chicken biryani (certainly a great idea!), you will be told that the rice is of premium Pusa Basmati-2 variant and it contains 100% unadulterated chicken, with no traces of soya.

All Things Good

We also tell you the health benefits of your food. In simple ways that you would appreciate. Like, the Palak in your Palak Paneer helps improve your muscle strength. Did we just give you a reason to order?