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Artificial Intelligence.

Not Artificial Flavours.

EatSure doesn't sugarcoat or add artificial flavours to your meal. It tells you exactly what you are eating so that everything is transparent and above board.

Everything on our menu from a delectable chocolate cake to an indulgent pizza or biryani is 100% free of anything artificial - no artificial colours and flavours.


Trust the process. Not the


From our kitchen to your home, we ensure that your meal is safe, hygienic, and most of all, delicious. It gets triple-checked and double-sealed with a single minded focus on safety.

Brainwashing kills zero germs

Everyone tells us what to eat. No one tells us what it is that we’re eating. EatSure changes that. It tells you exactly what goes inside your food, who makes it, where it is made and how it will be delivered. We’re putting facts on the table. And goodness back on the menu. Take back control of what you eat.

100% Bio-secured. 0% BS.


0% Hype. 100% Hygiene

Each person that comes in contact with your meal is medically certified and adheres to strict hygiene, safety and sanitisation protocols.


Every EatSure order undergoes 200+ quality checks before it’s delivered. Our partner restaurants ensure that your meal comes with the EatSurance of taste, freshness, safety and hygiene.

200+ Quality Checks. Still delivered on time.

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