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Chicken Pizza

Choose from our 11-inch Chicken Pizza variants - Heavily loaded with different chicken toppings - Available in 4 Cheese flavors


Mutton Overload Pizza

Succulent pieces of Mutton with Chicken Kheema topping on 11-Inch hand-tossed crust - Available in 4 Cheese flavors


Veg Pizza

Decorated with farm-fresh veggies, olives, jalapeños, and tikka paneer - Try our 11-inch Veg Pizza variants - Available in 4 Cheese flavors

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When you think of comfort food one of the first dishes that comes to mind is Pizza. There’s just something magical about Pizza that sets it above all other dishes in this regard, so much so that it has attained an almost ‘legend’ level status amongst people around the world. One of the reasons could be that it appeals to almost all types of people, whether you are a child, teenager, adult or senior citizen, you are sure to love and crave Pizza. Another reason is probably how adaptable, dynamic and customizable Pizzas are, be it something as outlandish as a pizza with fruits & ice- cream on it or a simple one with just Mozzarella Cheese on it, there is a Pizza for everyone! You can order food online from the comfort of your home using EatSure App.

The pizza has been around for centuries, with one of the first records of a Pizza like a dish being in the ancient Neolithic period. But the modern Pizza, that we know and love, you know the one covered in loads of Mozzarella cheese and loads of our favorite toppings, traces its history to Naples in Italy where they used to create dishes out of Flatbread which was often topped with ingredients such as garlic, salt, cheese, and basil. Pizzas were later taken to America by Italian migrants where it grew in popularity rapidly and spread its goodness across the world thanks to chains such as Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Smoking Joes and many more! Today the influence of Pizzas are so widespread that there is now a pizza parlor around almost every street corner, frozen Heat-And-Eat Pizzas available at supermarkets, Pizza DIY Kits, local roadside stalls, online Pizza delivery companies such as ours and many more!

Pizzas have become an essential part of our lives, with the cheesy goodness seeping into almost every facet of our day right starting from the infamous ‘the day after’ cold slice of pizza in the morning to a gourmet thin crust pizza covered in cheese toppings for lunch, a yummy ‘Indian pizza’ (which is basically a small pizza base, covered in Mozzarella cheese and topped with Indian sauces, flavors & spices) for evening snack and of course ending the day with a toppings-loaded, home delivered pizza which is got from one of the many ‘online order’ services. Vegetarians need not fret! We provide amazing vegetarian-friendly pizzas too. Pizzas are also perfect for every occasion, be it a birthday party or office team lunch, victory celebrations or 'too lazy to cook’ dinner, party at home or anything else in between, they are a perfect fit. And the fact that pizzas come in different sizes, making them great if you just want to snack or feeling super hungry. This further cements the Pizzas place as the top food option.

Pizzas are also very dynamic and changes and innovations are constantly being made to them to suit the needs of the people and keep up with the food trends of the time! Some of these innovations include the creation of thin crust pizzas, deep dish pizzas, healthy pizzas, dessert pizzas, cheese burst pizzas, pizzas with liquid cheese toppings and many more. This is another reason why they are so popular!

But all this massive growth in the pizza scene has led to a problem, too much choice, which makes it difficult for someone to pick when ordering. And that is where we step in! Our handcrafted pizzas with generous amounts of our signature liquid cheese toppings are a true delight for the pizza lover and considered one of the best Pizzas in the country. What's more, we also have a quick pizza delivery system in place that will ensure that you get the best pizzas delivered straight to your doorstep when you want it! We offer four different cheese flavors – Peri Peri cheese, Chipotle cheese, Tandoori cheese & El-Classico cheese making us truly Next level!!

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So the next time you are craving pizzas and start googling for ‘Pizza near me’ to go out and get a slice or are just feeling lazy and want to order pizza online, just open your phone or browser and use the Oven Story App or website, choose a pizza you like, enter your delivery address, make the payment and then leave the rest to us. In 35 minutes or less, one of the best pizzas in the country will be delivered to your doorstep and you will be on your way to indulging in some next level cheesy goodness! So let’s go and order pizza online!