EatSure is a food delivery app, which brings you popular restaurants that serve delicious food while abiding by the best-in-class safety measures. This enables you to trust the food that you relish so much.However, EatSure is not just a food delivery app, but also a promise, assuring 100% safety and hygiene in every bite you take. It stands true whenever you order from our sure choice of restaurants, through any channel - EatSure, their own respective websites or apps, or even Zomato or Swiggy.We belive good food is your right. And if you are what you eat, then why not eat only good?
The EatSure promise makes sure that the food you eat is full of of assured goodness. These are the four pillars of the EatSure promise:
  • No Artificial Colours or flavours
  • Medically certified people
  • 200+ stringent quality checks
  • Double sealed-packaging
  • With 100% safety of ingredients, people, packaging and processes, we ensure that you get the safest food, second to maybe just your mom's!
Assured goodness implies that whatever lands on your plate, from a homely meal to an extravagent indulgence, it will be full of goodness and nothing else.And you need not follow any particular diet for assured goodness. Even your favourite pizza or pasta is full of goodness when prepared with the EatSure promise!
Following are the sure benefits of using EatSure:
  • Variety of food across diverse cuisines, that is 100% safe, hygienic and oh-so-delicious.
  • No artificial colours or flavours.
  • Absolute transparency of ingredients with detailed information of what goes into your food, its nutritional information, its health benefits and even fun trivias associated with your food!
  • SUREpoints - Reward points that get you exclusive offers and discounts, and not to forget, delicious free meals of your choice!
  • Double-layered packaging ensuring an extra seal of security!
  • Live temperature tracking of each and every person handling your food - from kitchen to delivery staff, along with their medical certificates.
  • Contactless delivery that helps you maintain social distancing with the delivery executive
  • 200+ stringent quality checks that guarantee the utmost safety of ingredients, people, packaging and processes.
You can download the EatSure app from Playstore for all the android devices and Appstore for all the IOS devices and just get-set-on on your journey full of assured goodness!
Currently, we serve across 35 cities in India. However, we will soon be expanding our reach across the country and internationally. Stay connected with us, we are very social!
Our team of research specialist and culinary experts onboard the restaurant partners who meet the EatSure promise, which is-
  • No Artificial Colours or flavours
  • Medically certified people
  • 200+ stringent quality checks
  • Double sealed-packaging
After you place your order, it is sent to the restaurant. The restaurant confirms your order and the food is delivered by the delivery executives of that respective restaurant.
All the restuarants are live from 10 am till 11 pm! Did we just hear your stomach rumbling?
There is no minimum order value required to build an order. However there are delivery charges imposed by respective restaurants. No extra cost for goodness!
The kitchen teams handling your food strictly follow the mandatory hygiene standards like:
  • Compulsory hand wash for each person, every 20 mins.
  • Mandatory usage of face masks, hair nets, disposable gloves and clean overalls for everyone.
  • Sanitisation/disinfection of work surfaces, sinks and touchpoints such as door handles, every 4 hours.
  • Timely disposal of hand gloves used in preparation and making of food.
  • Staggered kitchen-station disabling face to face contact of the kitchen teams.
  • Limiting the number of staff in the food preparation area.
  • Frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers by the delivery personnel.
Our sure choice of restaurants also follow some additional safety protocols like:
  • A three step sanitizing process for vegetables.
  • Separate storage sections and cutlery for vegetables and meats.
  • Adherence to First In, First Out process for all the ingredients.
  • Cooking is done at right temperatures across respective product lines, e.g., Pizzas baked at 230°C or Biryani cooked on Dum for 90 minutes.
  • Timely disposal of ingredients.
  • 24x7 CCTV monitoring across kitchens and storage facilities.
  • Immediate packaging of the food after it is cooked.
  • Immediate sanitization of the box containing food.
The delivery executives bringing your food strictly follow these mandatory safety standards:
  • Sanitization of the delivery bag before the food gets loaded in it.
  • Compulsory usage of masks and gloves by the delivery executive.
  • Compulsory usage of sanitizer before taking out the package from the delivery box and after delivering the box
  • Adherence to delivery related instructions about where to drop-off the order.
  • Adherence to all the road-traffic norms at all the times.
  • Well groomed and clean overalls.
You can add the extra instructions to your order by:
  • Mentioning these instructions while placing the order in the empty space below your order.
  • In case you forget to do so, you can go the order tracking page and chat with our Virtual Surebot Cookie and request to add instructions. Small things matter, and we know that!
You can track your order inside your 'My orders' section by selecting your ongoing order. It makes waiting easier, right?
You can cancel your order by reaching out to our Virtual Surebot Cookie. But we hope that day never comes :(
We always try and avoid such situations, however in the case of some unforeseen circumstances, you can chat with our Virtual Surebot Cookie for assistance or call the delivery executive on the provided contact number.
Yes! You can definitely choose the 'deliver later' option while placing your order. You can choose a later time slot for the delivery. However, please note that this facility is currently available only on same-day delivery orders.
Absolutely! It is an EatSure advantage that you do not have to make mutliple orders to enjoy delicious food across different cuisines. This saves you all the hassle and also the delivery charges!
You receive all order invoices on your registered email address. In case if you haven't received one or lost it by mistake, you can raise the concerns with our Virtual Surebot Cookie. Things happen, but we have your back!
If a dish interests you, just click on the product and get all the necessary informationat one place! In case you have further queries, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team, they'd love to tell you all about it! You can write to them at
Your suggestions are really valuable to us! You can share the same with us at
Party on you mind? Yes! You're at the right place. You can connect with our team at +91 77000 20020 or via our Virtual Surebot Cookie. Count on these good folks to help you with some sure offers for your party!
The nutritional information mentioned is to the best of our knowledge and has been calculated basis approved institutional food charts. However, there maybe instances where slight deviations may occur due to operational practices.
The calorie count of each dish is calculated at the final cooked state of the dish. It takes into consideration the cooking mediums, ingredients, spice and condiments and everything else.We ensure that you know what you eat!
The calorie count is pretty much accurate. However, there may be a 5-10% variance due to cooking conditions or size of raw ingredients sourced etc. However, the difference will be negligible, don't you worry.
Any major change in delivery address is not possible once you've already placed an order. However, if your new address is nearby, you can check with the delivery executive for assistance or seek help from our Virtual Surebot Cookie.All good folks here, our team would love to help you out!
Because social distancing is the key!This is how you can opt for a contactless delivery:
  • Place a pre-paid order and choose 'contactless delivery'.
  • Select a suitable location to leave your parcel.
  • The delivery executive will give you a call once it is delivered.
Standard delivery timings may vary depending on your location and other circumstances. Once you place an order, you can see the estimated delivery time on the order tracking page.Don't worry, our delivery executives will try their best to beat all the odds and reach out to you ASAP!
You are provided with the number of the delivery executive as soon as he/she is assigned to your order while it is still in the kitchen. You can call up on the same number and request the package to be kept near your door or with your building security. You can also request the delivery executive to wait if you are just around the corner!If they do wait, don't forget to greet them with a smile!
There are 2 ways to check the live-temperature of the people handling your food:
  • Scan the QR code on your invoice,
  • Just be old school and enter the Order CRN on your app
Your complaints and concerns are always addressed on priority. You can chat with our Virtual Surebot Cookie for assistance and you will be connected with a delight champ within no time.
We always strive to build a community of people who abide by our highest standards of customer services. However if you face any behavioural concern from a delivery executive, we would request you to raise the issue immediately with our Virtual Surebot Cookie in the order details section, and we promise to take a strict action against the delivery executive at the earliest.
You can pay for your order using your debit or credit card, digital wallets, UPI, net banking or through Simpl. We love to spoil you for options!
We hope that never happens, but in case it does, then your payment will be revered to the original payment mode within 7 to 10 working days.
Delivery charge is levied as per the restaurant policy, it is unique to each restaurant. They are no extra charges imposed by EatSure on your order. No hide 'n seek!
SUREpoints is our rewards program that lets you earn points which can be redeemed on your future purchases within the EatSure app. It’s your gateway to assured goodness at no extra cost!Excites you, eh? Well, you doesn't love rewards?You can learn all about SUREpoints in the detailed SUREpoints FAQs section here
You can write to us at goodness@eatsure.com to deactivate your account.
You can locate Cookie on the app in the following sections:
  • Go to the 'profile' section and select 'help & support'.
  • Go to the 'profile' section, select your ongoing order and tap the 'help' button.
We are constantly monitoring the queries that pass through Cookie. If we find that a satisfactory resolution has not been provided or it has crossed the time limit promised, our delight champs will manually intervene to ensure a good experience. Also, during your chat, you can always opt to talk to the delight champs instead of Cookie.Don't worry, Cookie won't feel bad.
You can write to us at goodness@eatsure.com. It'll be awesome to hear from you. Queries to concerns to pat on our backs - we look forward to hear from you!
You can write to us anytime. You can expect a revert from between 10 am to 6 pm, Monday to Sunday. The responsiveness of our team will amaze you for sure!