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New York Cheesecake

Rich, dense and creamy with that perfect crunch of the base, our authentic New York Cheesecake is what dessert dreams are made of.


Choco Truffle

Made with the finest of chocolate, our chocolate truffle is a layered masterpiece made with moist chocolate cake and velvety smooth ganache.


Red Velvet Cake

A beautiful red adorns this cake that is incredibly soft, moist and buttery. The saltiness in the cream cheese filling balances our Red Velvet cake perfectly

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From wedding to anniversaries, from special occasions to birthdays, Cakes always steal the show. For a good amount of years, we actually believed that people attend weddings and birthday cake delivery only so that they get to eat good cakes. But that’s not always the case. However, one thing you will notice is beautiful cakes always lit up the occasion and add that, much needed happy vibe. Guess, all good food does that, but desserts just elevate your soul. And Cakes even more. The reason why every wedding, birthday or special occasion deserves a beautiful cake. We wouldn’t be surprised if you are already looking for ‘Order Cake Online’, ‘Online Cake Delivery’ or still typing ‘Order Cake Online near Me’ in your web browser. The advent of technology and food-tech industry has put a lot of delicious cake options at our beck and call and voila! Cake delivered at home. Just look for online cake delivery and you will be flooded with options ranging right from premium and exclusive cake flavors like blueberry, red velvet to some of the world’s all-time favorite cakes and pastries like black forest, chocolate truffle, vanilla, and chocolate cake, etc.

In western culture, cakes have an important place of honor, especially during wedding ceremonies. It has longstanding traditions dating to back to Medieval and Roman times. Which is why brides and grooms do not prefer to order cake online and rather spend a lot of time in choosing and planning this special wedding confection. Right from the cake design to cake flavors and layers to icing, every single thing on a wedding cake is detailed. Cake delivery services take care of the rest. The cake cutting ceremony denotes togetherness for the bride and groom, whereas feeding a piece of cake to each other symbolizes lifelong commitment.

While wedding cakes can be really rare there are certain varieties of cakes and pastries that are easily available whenever you are in the mood to have something nice and sweet or maybe just want to send a birthday cake. Frankly, sending a cake with a gift card loaded with warm wishes is the cutest way to wish someone ‘Happy Birthday’. Some of the most famous and widely ordered varieties of cakes include butter cake, sponge cake, cheesecake, chiffon, bundt cakes, cupcakes, madeleine, Swiss rolls, cakesicles, and cake pops. The best part is you can set your delivery date and get the same delivered right at your doorstep.