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When you wish to indulge in a royal experience looking for just biryani places near me won’t help. Because cooking an indulgent biryani is an art, which only the royal khansamas of Behrouz had mastered. They would dum pukht seasoned long-grain aromatic rice with tenderest of meat and seven secret spices. The flavours were balanced to bring out the best of every spice. Which is why the Royal Biryani was always mellow and flavorful. For the Royal Mehfils, the khansamas would often serve the biryani with a spread of flavourful kebabs along with a glass of refreshing ayran. If you too wish to indulge yourself in a royal experience like this, then look for biryani near me and order biryani online from Behrouz.

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Order Dastaan-E-Kebab near me

Dastaan-E-Kebab near me

Order Shirin & Sherbet near me

Shirin & Sherbet near me

Order Mehfil-E-Biryani near me

Mehfil-E-Biryani near me

Order Hyderabad-E-Khaas [Spicy] near me

Hyderabad-E-Khaas [Spicy] near me

Order Shahi (Serves - 1) near me

Shahi (Serves - 1) near me

Order Alishaan (2 KG Serves 3-4) near me

Alishaan (2 KG Serves 3-4) near me

Order Bahaar-e-Behrouz (Extra Meat Biryani - Serves 1) near me

Bahaar-e-Behrouz (Extra Meat Biryani - Serves 1) near me

Order Royal Combos near me

Royal Combos near me

3 Biryani combos near me

Jashna-E-Behrouz (Save FLAT Rs 150) near me

Order Behrouz-E-Khaas (ES Exclusive) near me

Behrouz-E-Khaas (ES Exclusive) near me